IN-SYNCH®, developed by Sage Gold Development partner ROI, is a Sage 100 application that provides real-time data synchronization with any third party system.  The application is available for Sage customers who use Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP, Sage 100 and Sage 100 SQL, from versions 3.71 to the latest available. IN-SYNCH is a flexible tool that can be used for multiple types of integration needs from just the basics to complex, customized systems.

In our basic integration, IN-SYNCH automatically connects incoming orders to your Sage 100 system and updates order tracking and status information between your ERP, your website, and your customers. We find that 99% of our customers have orders and tracking integration as it solves some of the greatest pain points of an e-commerce integration.

Our most popular, standard integration includes orders, tracking, and synching Sage 100 inventory quantities to the website. This provides real-time updates for inventory on hand to your e-commerce system including existing website shopping carts. We can integrate Sage 100 with just about any popular shopping cart with a quick turnaround time – often only two weeks from start to finish.

We completely understand the file structure that the Sage 100 applications use and how to integrate using the third-party API. Because of that, we can perform most any type of integration necessary for Sage 100 customers. Businesses are complex, and sometimes our customers will also require customer-specific pricing synch from Sage 100, the ability for customer to view not only past orders placed on the website but also those placed over the phone or fax.  There are countless add-ons that are possible and ROI Consulting handles each integration individually to ensure you get what you need, up to and including working out a customized plan to integrate your Sage platform, e-commerce sites, third-party shopping carts, custom sites or databases, and any other system you can think of. IN-SYNCH is infinitely customizable, able to be expanded into complex solutions that won’t break the bank to integrate.

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No other Sage 100 integration solution provides all these benefits:

We can offer peace of mind to our customers, knowing IN-SYNCH has been running on Sage customer systems for almost 20 years and our third-party connectors have been working perfectly now for ten years.  Our solutions are proven and mature, no bugs to work through and you can rest assured that you will not be our “trial and error” project.

With our solution, data exchanges are initiated and controlled from within the Sage 100 server, making IN-SYNCH the most secure architecture possible. Plus, security will never equal down time. You still get maximum speed without the need for outside access to the accounting system server.

IN-SYNCH seamlessly integrates and synchronizes all relevant data between Sage 100 and the third-party system, whether the data originates in Sage 100 or the external system.

Sage 100 ERP and your third-party system – whether e-commerce shopping cart, CRM database, or warehouse management system – are provided with automatic, real-time changes and updates as they occur.

Our solution allows for the two systems to run independently, so if one happens to be down for maintenance, the other system stays up. The two will sync up automatically.

IN-SYNCH uses the most efficient data mirroring methods available so you can receive orders, new customers, changes, and updates automatically as they happen with maximum speed.

There are many options for integration to Sage 100 when you choose IN-SYNCH!

Sage 100 ecommerce integration

Rest Easy

We can offer peace of mind to our customers, knowing IN-SYNCH has been running on Sage customer systems for almost 20 years and the third-party connectors have been working perfectly now for over ten years.  Our solutions are proven and mature, no bugs to work through and you can “rest easy” knowing if you hire ROI, yours will not be our “trial and error” project.

See What IN-SYNCH Can Do

The IN-SYNCH application is so versatile. We have customers who are using it for multiple purposes. Take a look at this 60-second video for a snapshot of what IN-SYNCH can do and then contact us to discuss your integration needs today!


There’s nothing more important to us than the successful execution of your Sage 100 integration project. Whether you need a brand new website, have an existing database or site to integrate, or need a fully custom solution, we are meticulous about the details of your unique project from start to finish to ensure the desired outcome.

And we don’t stop there. If you require additional support, future integration with other modules or upgraded systems, or even a brand new integrated website down the road, ROI Consulting can help. For more information about our Sage 100 integration process or to discuss your project, contact us or call 402-934-2223 x1.

A crucial step is to learn your specific goals for the project, problems that need to be solved, touch points that require integration, and the expected end result. This will set the expectations for our team and yours and guide our creation of the proper scope of work

Once the proposal is approved, the project kicked off meeting is held with the entire team.  During this call, we discuss roles, timeline and next steps.  If the web developer is performing a role in the implementation, we will go over their part.

The implementation begins with our team setting up the infrastructure and linking the systems to your precise specifications.  During implementation, we perform the first phase of testing to make sure the system is ready for your review.  IN-SYNCH is our flexible software product that can fit any Sage 100 integration need, even a custom site or database. With over 18 years of experience, we consistently deliver a smooth and worry-free process for our clients.

This is the phase where we work with your team to conduct data testing review the output and make changes as necessary to fine-tune the integration.  Ideally, testing is conducted in a planned and focused timeframe, usually 1-2 days.

Once everything has been tested and approved, we will bring the project live and you will see your Sage 100 integration project come to fruition – just as you imagined. You can now enjoy all the benefits of IN-SYNCH, including real-time, bi-directional synchronization of Sage 100 with your website or database.

Personal service, here for you.

Friendly service and personal care are the hallmarks of the IN-SYNCH support experience with ROI Consulting. Our Sage 100 integration experts have experience delivering support for our solutions to MAS 90, MAS 200 and Sage 100 users.

We provide remote support services via telephone, e-mail, and online service through easy and secure desktop access. Customers who have a support plan receive five hours of support per year which is plenty.

To register a support ticket, send as brief or as detailed description of your issue as appropriate (complete with screen shots/attachments) to  This will log a support ticket for the issue and you will receive an automatic email response which will allow you to login to the ticket and make adjustments as necessary. The support ticket will be automatically assigned to a consultant and you should receive timely feedback.

Please contact Ruth Richter at 402-934-2223 x1 if you do not know your username and password or would like to receive additional instruction regarding this process, or if you would like to check status/timing or set a specific time to receive support. 

During any holidays, please note published holiday hours and contact information.




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