integracion-sage-magento2You rely on Sage 100 to help you manage your business effectively – from fundamental accounting and reports to inventory and forecasting. Your Magento e-commerce solution is equally as vital to the growth and success of your business because of its feature-rich selling tools and flexibility.

At ROI Consulting, we help you integrate these two systems to achieve efficiency and productivity far beyond what they can produce separately.

Connecting the Dots

When you integrate, your Magento web store and Sage 100 accounting system will be able to communicate multiple details with each other in real time, bi-directionally, and lightning fast, including:


  • Customer Information – When a customer creates an account or places an order on your Magento e-commerce site, all customer-related data, including contact information, shipping and billing addresses, payment information, and more are seamlessly synced to Sage 100, which also enables 24 x 7 self-service customer portals – keeping your systems always up to date.


  • Orders – All web orders will automatically enter the accounting system where you can choose to view or automatically route them for fulfillment to inventory locations such as warehouses, third-party logistics companies, or even drop ship suppliers. This serves to simplify the order process for your team and make customers happy with likely faster shipping times, too.


  • Invoices, Shipping, and Payment or Credit Transactions – Your customers will appreciate the easily available shipping and order status details, and your accounting and fulfillment departments will enjoy streamlined and accurate reports without manual data entry.


  • Inventory – Inventory counts will automatically be updated in Sage 100 as orders are placed in Magento, keeping the online inventory numbers up to date so customers are not frustrated placing orders for out of stock items. A centralized inventory between Sage 100 and Magento will also help you make better-informed purchase or manufacturing decisions.


  • Product Data – In addition, you can easily manage all product details, including descriptions, pricing, categories, images, applicable discounts, and more, from a single system. You can even create products in the cart based upon Sage data.


  • Pricing – Sage 100 offers incredible flexibility with pricing, and we integrate them all with Magento. Some customers use standard pricing, up to three levels, groups, and customer-specific pricing.


  • Custom Features – Do you have unique feature requirements that will make the shopping experience better and increase sales? Ask us! We’ve done them all – from order editing directly in the cart to allowing customers to see expected delivery dates based upon distribution promises on purchase orders, to seeing order history from within Sage, and many more!

There are numerous benefits to integrating Magento and Sage 100, starting with dramatically enhanced accuracy and saved time from manually entering information into each system separately. This heightened productivity will allow you to focus on increasing sales and growing your business.


Sage 100 Integration Specialty

ROI Consulting understands how both Sage 100 and Magento work and how they will manipulate and store any shared data. This, along with our extensive knowledge of integrating Sage 100 with multiple third-party systems, makes us your ideal partner for a Magento integration project. Our solution is flexible, scalable, and can connect as many systems as your business needs require.


Need References?

We have been integrating Magento with Sage since 2009, and we still work with that same customer you can reference. We have countless customers using Magento and Sage – ask us for references

Click here to contact us or call 402-934-2223 ext. 1 to learn how we can help you take your business to the next level with a Sage 100 accounting and Magento e-commerce integration.

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