Success Flows to Palmetto Parts Company After Clearnine and IN-SYNCH® Integration

Palmetto Parts Company is no stranger to success. The company started out of a Myrtle Beach home in 1994 and by 2008, it had grown to be a regional supplier of plumbing, lighting and electrical parts. The customer base had expanded from hotels to include schools, hospitals, prisons, condos and plumbing contractors.

In 2008, Bill Meany, VP of Sales, knew that, in order to have continued success, he needed a full-service web shopping experience for his customers. He also wanted to have a catalog of parts and pricing so that his professional sales force could identify and recommend the right parts for the job at the most economical price.

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IN-SYNCH® Works Right from the Start for slipX Solutions®

When Adam Buchanan joined SlipX Solutions as Director of eCommerce, their website platform and Sage 100 accounting system were partially automated. “We used an Access database to prepare the files to be sent via FTP,” stated Buchanan. Next, they selected an integration solution by eBridge Connections that looked great on the surface, but ultimately didn’t perform the way it was represented. “There was so much time spent figuring out things that didn’t work, trouble-shooting errors, and trying to understand why there were inconsistencies; we never got to a point where we were running smoothly. After a number of months, we decided to replace it.”

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Mountain View Services, Inc. Finds Success with IN-SYNCH®

When Bob McKee at Mountain View Services entered into e-commerce on a whim, he never imagined it would turn into a multi-million-dollar business in a short 18 months. “It was a fluke,” proclaimed McKee. “I started to sell a few items online after muddling my way through opening a web-store. “We started receiving six orders a day, then 12, then 24, and before we knew it, we were coming in on Monday to 1000 orders that needed to be processed. We were averaging 500 orders per day and had to pull team members from other departments and hire temporary staffing to process the orders.”

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IN-SYNCH® Automation Creates Robust and Cost-Effective ROI

The Fulfillment House’s unique offering requires a Sage 100 integration solution that is robust and cost-effective.

In spring of 2015, Greg Kilmer, President of The Fulfillment House, was looking for a solution that would help his fulfillment clients get their orders from their various websites to the Sage 100 platform. “We wanted an integration solution that would work in a multi-company environment, was cost effective to implement, and wouldn’t require our team to learn how to run another piece of software,” says Kilmer.

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