Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, and the Walmart Marketplace provides a place for e-commerce sellers to boost their sales. Several of our customers are using the Walmart shopping cart with successful Sage 100 integration through IN-SYNCH, and more are being added all the time.

Walmart Marketplace is an exclusive, invitation-only marketplace with tools and resources to help you optimize sales.Once you have been approved as a Walmart Marketplace Seller, you can:

  • Build your catalog, control inventory and set prices,
  • Manage your orders and shipping methods, ship items directly to the customer and handle customer care,
  • Get paid. There are no monthly or setup fees; instead Walmart takes a referral fee.

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Mountain View

Mountain View Services, Inc. is the leading supplier of groceries and supplies to health care facilities. By using this online shopping service, health care facilities can increase efficiency and decrease costs. Visit their website here:   The company began as an e-commerce business and turned into a multi-million-dollar company in a short 18 months.…

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Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace Offers Exceptional Sales Opportunities

Get Help with Sage 100 Integration Now Walmart Marketplace is causing a stir among ecommerce merchants, and for good reason: the retail giant’s online seller marketplace reaches an estimated 80 million unique website visitors monthly. That’s roughly a quarter of the American population. If you want to grow your company’s sales, there few other ways…

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