Skunk2 (Group-A Autosports)

Skunk2 (Group-A Autosports)Founded in 1994 as Group-A Autosports, Skunk2 develops high-performance car parts for the racing world. Skunk2 specializes in Honda racing parts. In 2000, Skunk2 began active involvement in World Challenge racing, and that year, each Honda with a podium finish utilized a Skunk2 part or engine. Skunk2 continues to innovate with new engine components and camshafts with proprietary technologies.

Skunk2 products are available on their own website, as well as at authorized dealers across North and Central America. Using IN-SYNCH, Skunk2 maintains inventory across their own Magento ecommerce store as well as what goes out to dealers. And when that happens, everybody wins.

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