Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise with Sage 100 e-Commerce Integration

Sage 100 e-commerce integration helped these three customers’ webstores stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. These three leading health products and services companies all faced similar challenges: integrating their website shopping carts with Sage 100. IN-SYNCH from ROI Consulting made integration much easier for all three, leading to improved business systems and enhanced profits. So plan…

Solving Sage 100 E-Commerce Integration Challenges

As small businesses continue to embrace e-commerce, they find they’re up against more challenges than they anticipated. Gathering customer data, moving data effortlessly into operational systems, and ensuring that all systems communicate with each other is often a greater challenge than a small business is equipped to face.

Sage 100 is a great ERP system for small businesses. It can be integrated with existing third-party shopping carts and other systems to provide small business owners with access to accurate, timely customer data. Integration is not without its challenges, however. That’s where having an experienced integration partner by your side can help.

Experience Matters During Sage 100 E-Commerce Integration

Integrating your existing website with Sage 100 offers a significant opportunity to collect and use data efficiently and quickly. Yet much can go wrong with the integration process, especially if you are using an inexperienced vendor.  Integration between your current website and Sage 100 is one area where e-commerce integration “experience matters” to the successful outcome of your project.