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“We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all you have done to make us accomplish so many goals.”


– Lisa R. Zanni, Chief Financial Officer

Origin Micro, Inc.

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 “In-synch is so far beyond the integration solution we replaced, its not even comparable. Not only in functionality, but the ROI team have all been absolutely amazing, which is also not comparable to our 4 years with the other solution.  I’m actually shocked they are still in business.”
 – Joey Bedrosian, Golden Needle
Golden Needle

Thank you for being such a great vendor to work with.

– Sue Dunn, MicroAccounting Solutions

MicroAccounting Solutions


We first found IN-SYNCH to handle our real-time website synchronization. Then we contracted ROI to utilize IN-SYNCH for MS-SQL synchronization. We are very happy with the power and flexibility of IN-SYNCH!

– Steve Allen, IT Manager, OraLabs™



We chose IN-SYNCH for three reasons: no limits on the website functionality, real-time synchronization with the accounting, ability to run web or accounting standalone when needed for certain maintenance/upgrading. We are on our second website now and still happy with IN-SYNCH!

– Scott Johnson, IT Manager, BIOTONE®


We have had great success utilizing the IN-SYNCH with our Magento to Sage 100 setup. Anytime we need assistance, it is provided quickly and efficiently! We happily refer IN-SYNCH!

– Stephanie Barrett, Customer since 2014, Salisbury, Inc.



A number of our fulfillment clients wanted help in getting their orders from various websites to our Sage100 platform. We wanted an integration solution that would work in a multi-company environment, was cost effective to implement, and wouldn’t require our team to learn how to run another piece of software. The team at ROI accomplished all of that and more with the installation of their In-Synch solution.

– Greg Kilmer, President, The Fulfillment House

The Fulfillment House

I am very impressed on how well IN-SYNCH works and how the support has been. Patricia has been very responsive when I have sent her an email about a problem or question. It’s nice to have a solution that works as advertised and great support for it.

– John Theed, IT, Tides Marine

Tides Marine

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